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About Craig Meredith

Craig Meredith, with his 38 years of expertise in all types of commercial coverage, is the ideal mediator for the resolution of coverage disputes and for other cases that are difficult to resolve due to underlying coverage issues.

Mr. Meredith spent 25 years as a full-time coverage attorney representing insureds and claimants in complex commercial insurance matters. As an attorney, he assisted clients in presenting claims to insurance carriers and in negotiating with carriers for the amicable resolution on those claims. He was very successful in that arena, and is widely known in the carrier community as one who can resolve claims without the need for litigation.

Mr. Meredith began mediating cases over 30 years ago while at his former firm Meredith Weinstein & Numbers. In 2010, he joined JAMS as a full-time mediator specializing in cases involving difficult insurance matters. In January of 2016, he started his own mediation practice.

Mr. Meredith has expertise in virtually all of the commercial lines, including but not limited to CGL, umbrella and excess, professional liability, property, builders risk, environmental and directors and officers coverage. He is well known for his expertise in all aspects of construction coverage, including OCIP’s and other wrap programs, warranty programs and contractor default insurance.

Counsel Comments

"Craig Meredith's extensive preparation, hard work and expertise in insurance coverage resulted in the settlement of a multi-million dollar commercial construction case that no one thought could settle."

"[Craig] was exceptional, top drawer and first rate, and achieved an outstanding settlement result in a volatile and problematic context."

"[Craig] has no peers when it comes to [his] knowledge of construction claims and its interplay with insurance coverage, [his] ability to discern the critical issues in complex litigation, and [his] professionalism and integrity when advocating for settlement in a case."